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Mimi Côté

(She / Her / Elle)

Intimacy Coordinator

Montreal, QC / Toronto, Ontario


Mimi Côté is an Intimacy Coordinator who brings her vast experience as a bilingual actress and stuntwoman to each intimate artistic performance. 


Mimi’s approach to intimacy coordination is the same as her approach as a performer. She applies guidelines while intuitively working with the actor’s impulses and natural movements to ensure the intimacy always serves the story.  


Sixteen years of movement work in the Circus (teaching, choreographing, and training) and 11 years on film sets playing various characters in scenes involving: nudity,  simulated sex with and without violent content is the wealth of Mimi’s experience. Not only can she read actors’ body language with precision: she knows how to provide the necessary support and guidance.


The preparation and execution of intimate scenes can sometimes be challenging. Whether it is in Montreal or Toronto, Mimi serves as a strategic coach to ensure the Actor's boundaries are respected, the Director’s vision is communicated and to make sure Producers have sets where the artistic process is executed safely.  


Intimacy is a vital and joyful part of storytelling; Mimi strives to make the experience a positive one. 

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