Mimi Côté

(She / Her / Elle)

Apprentice Intimacy Coordinator

Montreal, QC / Toronto, Ontario



Mimi Côté (she / her / elle) is an actress, stuntwoman and intimacy coordinator, member of the ICCQ collective - Intimacy Coodinators Canada - Quebec Division - as well as UDA and UBCP / ACTRA member. In 2021, she joined the first Canadian cohort of ICC's Intimacy Coordinator training program where she studied the highest standards in the industry in terms of screen intimacy arts.


On the strength of her numerous performances involving intimacy over the years as much on television and in the cinema as on stage and in the video game industry, she is well aware of the challenges that the preparation and execution of these scenes can generate. with artists but also with other members of the same production. In 2021, she crosses the other side of the camera as the coordinator of initiated and gives itself the mission of contributing to the discovery and influence of the profession that she describes as: Life-changer.

Recent projects include The Lake, Midnight at the Paradise, and My Animal.