Mackenzie Lawrence

Mackenzie Lawrence (she | her | hers) is the Director of Operations and an Intimacy Coordinator at Intimacy Coordinators Canada. She has worked in the Film/TV Industry for 8 years, viewing it from many angles, as a Director, Actor, and Assistant Director. She has dedicated the last few years to training in Intimacy Coordination and being mentored under the ICC team as she works toward her certification with Intimacy Directors & Coordinators.


Mackenzie is passionate about creating a safe environment for performers involved in filming scenes with intimacy, nudity and/or simulated sex. She is confident in a future where Intimacy Coordination will be a requisite on all sets. - IMDB

Mackenzie is the lead Photography Intimacy Coordinator at Intimacy Coordinators Canada, offering the service for models and photographers across Ontario. Find more information and Testimonials about Intimacy Coordination in Photography here.