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Mackenzie Lawrence - IC Headshot.jpeg

Mackenzie Lawrence

(She / Her / Hers)

Intimacy Coordinator

Toronto, Ontario


Mackenzie Lawrence (she | her | hers) has worked in the Film/TV Industry for 12 years, viewing it from many angles, as a Director, Actor, and Assistant Director. Based in Toronto, Mackenzie has worked as an Intimacy Coordinator consistently for over three years, including on Netflix, Amazon, Paramount and SyFy productions. Her credits include Luckiest Girl Alive, Slip, The Handmaid's Tale, Ginny & Georgia, My Old Ass and more. Mackenzie's extensive training and mentoring with Intimacy Coordinators Canada and IDC Professionals, prior to working as an Intimacy Coordinator full time, has given her all of the necessary tools and skills to flourish as a trusted Intimacy Coordinator in the Canadian Film/TV Industry.


Mackenzie is passionate about advocating for better consent practices and safer spaces for performers and crew working on scenes with intimacy, nudity and/or simulated sex in the film industry. She is grateful for her extensive experience in this niche environment, as it allows her to approach this work in an informed and realistic way. Mackenzie is confident in a future where Intimacy Coordination will be a requisite on all sets.


You can find additional testimonials and work experience on Mackenzie's website - and her IMDB.

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