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Lindsay Somers

(She / Her / They / Them)


Founder & Intimacy Coordinator

Lead instructor & educator 

Toronto, Ontario/Ottawa, ON


Lindsay Somers (she / they) has worked as an accomplished Medical Consultant in the film industry for over 20 years through her company “Ready Set Medic”. Her extensive work choreographing medical sequences and instructing actors on their performances, led to Somers being hired by HBO as the first-ever Canadian Intimacy Coordinator in 2018. 


Somers, a queer Intimacy Coordinator, has since founded Intimacy Coordinators Canada (ICC) - the first collective of Certified Canadian Intimacy Coordinators, with business partner Casey Hudecki, with the goal of creating a community of trusted intimacy professionals. Somers and ICC have established the on set protocols that have become industry standard in Canada, and has been a leading force in the success of Canadian Intimacy Coordination. 


Passionate about the movement to improve the safety of performers while filming scenes involving intimacy, nudity and/or simulated sex, Somers has been advocating for the role across the country with every major film union, including ACTRA, the Directors Guild of Canada, and the CMPA. 

Somers works on productions across the country with recent credits including HBO's The Last of Us, Ari Astor's feature film Beau is Afraid, CBC's Sort Of, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Snowpiercer and Peacemaker. 

Click here to read more about Lindsay Somers establishing Intimacy Coordination within Canada. 


CBCs The National interviewing Lindsay Somers in 2019 about her work as Canada's first-ever Intimacy Coordinator. 

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