Lindsay Somers

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Lindsay Somers (she | her | hers) is the founder & CEO of Intimacy Coordinators Canada, and Canada's first-ever Intimacy Coordinator. Lindsay is a certified professional through Intimacy Directors & Coordinators, and is currently a mentor to those involved in the Level 3 and 4 IDC programs.

Lindsay is at the forefront of the movement of Intimacy Coordinators on our film sets in Canada, being Canada’s first to work with HBO and Amazon studios.

Helping to improve the safety of performers while filming scenes involving intimacy, nudity and/or simulated sex, Lindsay wrote the Closed Set protocols that are being used on film sets across the country.

With over 15 years of on set experience choreographing performers as the lead Medical consultant and owner of Ready Set Medic, Lindsay has been performing on-camera for 25 years, and is currently an active ACTRA member with numerous on-screen Actor credits. - IMDB


Lindsay has been awarded two Exemplary Citizen Awards by the City of Toronto for her volunteer work within her community and continues her involvement in local and nationwide initiatives.


"Lindsay was amazing!

It was very inspiring to collaborate with Lindsay Somers on the Jupiter's Legacy episodes that I directed for Netflix. It was my first time to work with an Intimacy Coordinator and I never expected it to be such a helpful and constructive experience!

Without ever stepping on my toes, Lindsay made my directing of the simulated sex scenes easy going and fun, and this contributed to give a lot of authenticity to the actors' performances. They had full confidence in her as she made them arrive on set VERY prepared and totally relaxed. She managed to keep an eye on every detail, from costumes to hair to makeup.


Lindsay is a wonderful asset to have on set and I truly hope our paths will cross again soon!" 


"Actors have to be brave and emotional in front of a crew, and I believe anything that can be done to help an actor feel safe must be explored, and that's what Lindsay does.


I have worked with Lindsay on 3 shows in 3 different countries; her work is to support the most vulnerable people, during the most vulnerable moments. Lindsay has a certain softness to her, and is able to make the actors feel safe. Whether it is through holding a rehearsal, having a conversation, or dispensing the breath mints in her kit, she is present to make the actors feel confidant.


She isn't doing my job, she's there to helps me do my job better."


- MARK TONDERAI (Director)


"Lindsay is so charismatic and attentive, she instantly made me feel at ease. She had thought of absolutely everything I could need and offered it without question, which made for very smooth days on set."