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Liise Keeling

(She / Her / Hers)

Intimacy Coordinator

Halifax, Nova Scotia


Liise has been working in film and television for over 30 years as a stunt performer and stunt coordinator.  As well as teaching photography at the college level in England, she has worked on projects in Canada, the US, Central and South America, Japan, South Korea, Germany and Italy, lending to a wealth of knowledge and experience advocating for herself and the performers she’s doubled and worked with, in the areas of safety, respect, boundaries and consent.

Working in front of and behind the camera in such a physical realm, she exemplifies heightened awareness in the importance of movement in story telling. Performing in scenes of simulated sex and violent sexual assault, prior to the utilization and implementation of an Intimacy Coordinator, Liise understands the invaluable need for the knowledge and support of an IC, not just for the performers but for the other cast members, crew and production. Training through IDC, ICC, and various university programs specializing in choreography, trauma, working with under aged performers, psychological first aid and mental health; she strives to stay current and aware in this ever evolving landscape of story telling.

As an Intimacy Coordinator, Liise has keyed and covered on shows and feature films such as The Sinner, Chapelwaite, Compulsus, Bystanders, Moonshine, Hudson & Rex, Reacher, Kids vs. Alien's and Digg’s Town.

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