Casey Hudecki

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Casey Hudecki (she | her | hers) is the COO of Intimacy Coordinators Canada and a certified professional through Intimacy Directors & Coordinators. She began fight training and professional acting in her teens, and, over twenty years, built a career as a professional Actor, Stunt Performer, Fight Director, Fight Coordinator, and Intimacy Coordinator. As an Actor and a Stunt Performer, Casey respects both the fluid process of emotional access and impulse, as well as the specificity of technical choreography.


Casey has experience with scenes of intimacy on both sides of the camera and stage, and can speak to the actor's experience along with the aesthetic and storytelling choices of the choreography. As a specialist in violence and intimacy, Casey has had a front row seat in telling difficult stories and believes there is a way to tell every story in such a way that everyone is respected, safe, and confident with their action. Casey is proud to be part of the first wave of Intimacy Coordinators, collaborating with all departments to bring transparency, preparation, communication and standardized protocols to the industry. 


Casey is one of nine Fight Masters in Fight Directors Canada, and the first woman to be credited for Fight Directing at the Stratford Theatre Festival. Casey runs a Stage Combat school for youth, and is a movement instructor at a number of arts colleges.


"As a director, I deeply appreciated Casey's understanding of my objectives and the ensuing design work which she generated, which I liken in every way to the work of a top choreographer.


From her initial reading of the script, meeting with the director, through casting and her on-set manner with director, DP, decorator, props master and performers, Casey marshals every element at her disposal to generate beautiful, resonant scenes ranging from the closest intimacy to the grandest multi-character ensemble work, while ensuring the performers' safety, engagment and confidence.


It is a privilege to collaborate with an artist and communicator of Casey's talent."


- TIM SOUTHAM (Director)