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Casey Hudecki 4.jpg

Casey Hudecki

(She / Her / Hers)

Partner & Intimacy Coordinator

Lead Instructor & Educator 

Toronto, Ontario


Casey Hudecki (she | her | hers) is a Partner of Intimacy Coordinators Canada and a certified professional through Intimacy Directors & Coordinators. Certified as both an Intimacy Coordinator and Intimacy Director in 2019, Casey was part of the first wave of Intimacy Coordinators, helping to establish the role and set the standard for safe practices in the industry. 


Casey Hudecki has worked professionally for over twenty-five years in film, television and theatre. She is a choreographer, educator and has worked in front and behind the camera as an actress, stunt performer, stunt coordinator and intimacy coordinator. As an Intimacy Coordinator, Casey has had the privilege of working on a wide variety of projects, big and small, includingThe Boys, Sex/LifePriscillaGinny and Georgia, The Handmaids Tale, GenV and Infinity Pool.


Casey is passionate about telling physical stories with safety, specificity and authenticity. Having performed on camera, both naked and on fire, Casey is aware of the vulnerability of these performances, as well as the collaboration and preparation that go into making a scene safe and successful. Casey is a life long learner, and her curiosity and experience push her to keep examining how to more efficiently, ethically, and collaboratively integrate this work into the film and television industry. To this end, Casey was the primary creator and instructor of the ICC Accreditation program for Intimacy Coordinators, which was one of the first to be recognized by SAG-AFTRA. 

Outside of film and television, Casey is a mother, and a lover of plants and Jiu-Jitsu.

Feel free to see  her full film/tv credits here IMDB

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