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Jen Viens

(they/ she)

Intimacy Coordinator

Montreal, QC


Jen Viens (they/she) is a queer intimacy coordinator, filmmaker and coach with over fifteen years of experience in film, television, and stage. 


Before relocating to Montreal, Jen owned and operated a theatre school and production company in British Columbia. They specialized in unique classes and workshops for kids of all ages. The focus of instruction ranged from structured improv, to filmmaking, to physical theatre. In addition, Jen has been actively working as a producer, actor, director and writer in the film industry for over ten years.


In the past several years, Jen has branched out and lent her knowledge and expertise to many different milieus, including coaching business professionals in public speaking, performing improvised scenarios for corporate training sessions, and coaching professional actors of all ages in scene study.


In addition to a strong background in theatre and film, Jen has extensive experience in project and team management, event coordination, and community support. They have dedicated many hours and years to training in anti-oppression, conflict resolution, mental health support and constructive communication, to name a few. These fields have allowed Jen to cultivate skills in collaboration, leadership, critical thinking, and attention to detail. These skills, together with a solution-oriented perspective, a growth mindset, and ten plus years of one-on-one and on-set coaching allow Jen to facilitate scenes of intimacy in a variety of settings, for diverse communities, with an attentive and tailor-made approach that addresses specific goals and personal boundaries. 


Intimacy Coordinator credits include; Witchboard (A-Nation Media); Sorcières (Amalga Créations); Hunted (Neshama Entertainment); Belle-Mère (Trinome & Filles).


Jen has a deep love for storytelling, and aims to make it a safer, healthier place, one intimate scene at a time.

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