Intimacy Coordinators Canada participates in ONLY training and mentoring those who have completed LEVEL 3 training or higher with Intimacy Directors & Coordinators (IDC). 


To register for a LEVEL 1 workshop, & for more information on training opportunities, please browse their website: 

The journey to becoming an intimacy coordinator could take up to 2 years to complete. Multiple workshops, course certifications, and mentorship all need to be completed for Intimacy Coordinator certification. 


  • Completed Level 3 IDC professional workshop program, or equivalent experience.

  • Minimum of 300 hours, 10 years, or 15 show credits working in a Directorial, Choreography, or Coordinator position on film & television sets 

  • Background with movement instruction

  • Sexual education advocacy courses and background

  • Mental health first aid (and subsequent MHFA working with minors) training and background

  • ACTRA members preferred

  • Canadian citizenship with permanent residence in Canada



Level 1 is one three- day workshop for actors, producers, administrators, technicians and more. This workshop is an introduction to the field of Intimacy Direction and Coordination and our methodology. Click here to read our full level 1 description and access learning objectives.


Prerequisites: None! This workshop is open to everyone! 


How: Go to our workshop offerings page and sign up for one of the Level 1 workshops offered around the United States.

Show up and soak in the learning. Congratulations, you’ve completed Level 1!

Register for a Level 1 course HERE



IDC offers a variety of Level 2 workshops that cover specialized topics. Please Choose 3 separate Level 2 workshops. Level 2 is great for more than those seeking certification, and caters to actors, producers, instructors, and more.

Prerequisites: Completion of an IDC Level 1 workshop. (Attendance at any IDI 3-day also constitutes completion of Level 1.)

How: Go to our workshop offerings page, pick your topics of interest, and attend any three Level 2 workshops on those topics.

To finish Level 2: Fill out our certification checklist, input the information for the three workshops you attended, and submit to IDC.


They will email you a Level 2: Ally Foundations Certificate! 

Register for a Level 2 workshop HERE



Level 3 multi-day workshops are deep dive intensives into either the world of Intimacy Coordination.

Prerequisites: Ally Foundations Certificate (completion of the full Level 2 training).

These workshops are by application only.

All applicants must have completed the external requirements prior to attendance at a Level 3 workshop. Our suggested trainings are listed below.  

External Requirements for applying to Level 3:


How: On your own, complete the external requirements. Submit your application to a chosen Level 3 workshop. Upon acceptance, attend the workshop!

*Please Note: This intensive does involve a professional evaluation and personal feedback session. You must achieve the workshop learning objectives in order to be passed on to Level 4.

Register for a Level 3 workshop HERE


Field Work

At this point in the training, candidates are ready to begin assisting certified professionals or begin working professionally. Candidates are asked to submit a proposal for a final project. If accepted, they will be assigned an advisor who mentors them through real-world experiences as they apply what they have learned to their chosen field. This may involve assisting productions, shadowing on set, or virtual mentorship hours designed to guide you through the field. 


Prerequisite: Completion of Level 3 ID or IC specialization


How: After passing Level 3 candidates submit their application for a final project and are assigned an advisor. This process is highly individualized.

If needed, the candidate and their advisor find the appropriate assisting opportunities or professional opportunities tailored to the candidate's goals in the industry.


Candidates will then complete the Fieldwork and a final assessment of that work for submission to IDC

Application coming soon!


Once you’ve completed the 4 levels, you’re a Certified Intimacy Professional with IDC!

Certification with IDC designates the highest artistic standards within the field of Intimacy Direction for Theatre and Live Performance and/or Intimacy Coordination for TV and Film. 

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