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ICC represents only certified Intimacy Coordinators with IDC who have trained in IDC's 5-Pillar methodology specifically for film and television. These distinguished professionals represent the highest standard in intimacy artistry for the screen. The following individuals have extensive movement, sensitivity, and industry training and represent IDC with their professional artistry and integrity.

Founder & Intimacy Coordinator

Toronto, Ontario

Intimacy Coordinator

Toronto, Ontario


Mackenzie Lawrence

Toronto, Ontario

Mackenzie (she | her | hers) has worked in the Film/TV Industry for 7 years, viewing it from many angles, as a Director, Actor, Assistant Director and most recently, an Assistant to the Intimacy Coordinators Canada team.


Mackenzie is passionate about creating a safe environment for performers involved in filming scenes with intimacy, nudity and/or simulated sex. She is confident in a future where Intimacy Coordination will be a requisite on all sets. - IMDB

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