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ICC represents only certified Intimacy Coordinators with IDI who have trained in IDI's 5-Pillar methodology specifically for film and television. These distinguished professionals represent the highest standard in intimacy artistry for the screen. The following individuals have extensive movement, sensitivity, and industry training and represent IDI with their professional artistry and integrity


Founder & Intimacy Coordinator

Toronto, Ontario

Intimacy Coordinator

Toronto, Ontario



Intimacy Coordinator

Calgary, Alberta


Samantha Jeffery

Edmonton, Alberta

Samantha (she | her | hers) is an intimacy director/coordinator, actor, and award-nominated fight director. An Apprentice with Intimacy Directors International, her extensive training in mental and sexual health includes volunteering on the crisis line for the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton, work on pieces about addiction and trauma, assisting IDI co-founder Siobhan Richardson in intimacy direction workshops, and mental health first aid.


She has also curated and hosted sex-positive performance events including the Smut Cabaret at NextFest, the Heavy Petting Zoo (as covered by Vice), and co-created award-winning films that have toured North America as part of the Hump Festival.


Sam was the recipient of the 2019 Nordic & Cloutier Family Innovation Award in support of her advancement in the field of Intimacy Direction, and continues to expand and apply her expertise in stage and film across western Canada.




Mackenzie Lawrence

Toronto, Ontario

Mackenzie (she | her | hers) has worked in the Film/TV Industry for 7 years, viewing it from many angles, as a Director, Actor, Assistant Director and most recently, an Assistant to the Intimacy Coordinators Canada team.


Mackenzie is passionate about creating a safe environment for performers involved in filming scenes with intimacy, nudity and/or simulated sex. She is confident in a future where Intimacy Coordination will be a requisite on all sets. - IMDB

Phay Moores

Vancouver, BC

Phay (she | her | hers) is an Intimacy Director, fight choreographer, director, and professional actor based in Vancouver.


After earning international certification as an actor combatant, Phay trained with Intimacy Directors International as a student and assistant to Siobhan Richardson (IDI co-founder). Intimacy Direction/ Coordination credits include Jane Doe (Rude Girl Entertainment), Alice in Glitterland (Geekenders), East of Berlin (Dalliance Theatre Collective), and 12 Minute Madness (Raïna von Waldenburg).


As an Irish-French-Assiniboine woman, her goal is to offer an Indigenous perspective to Intimacy practices in Canada to better support Indigenous projects.

Megan Gilron

Vancouver, BC

Megan (she | her | hers) is an actor’s advocate, human sexuality educator, and intimacy coordinator trainee.


She has an expansive background in theatre costume design, acting, and directing; film and TV costuming (IATSE 891 member); and youth facilitation (with Safeteen International). Her work is diversely informed by trainings and experience in mental health first aid, conflict resolution, consent and boundaries negotiations in the Kink/BDSM community, and facilitation of somatic bodywork. 


She currently works on film and TV productions in British Columbia, Canada. - IMDB