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April 2020 issue of Maclean's Magazine (print) discussed Intimacy Coordination with founder Lindsay Somers and her partner Casey Hudecki

January 2020 Lindsay Somers speaks with CBC The National about Intimacy Coordinators in the film & television industry.


Intimacy co-ordinator Lindsay Somers, second from left, works with actors to block out the choreography of an intimate scene at the Canadian Film Centre in Toronto. (Alice Hopton/CBC)


Spring 2020 issue of ACTRA's Performers magazine discussed founder Lindsay Somers involvement with the newly released Best Practices document regarding scenes of nudity, simulated sex, and sexual violence. 

TO WEB FEST: Inclusivity Panel

Photo featuring (L-R): moderator Mariah Owen, Intimacy Coordinator Lindsay Somers, Director, Annie Bradley, Special Advisor for ACTRA Victoria Shen, & Communications & Engagement Manager for WIFT Kadon Douglas.

Photo by: Jackie Brown Photography