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Chrissy Mozylisky

(She / Her / Elle)

Intimacy Coordinator

Vancouver, BC


Chrissy Mozylisky is a BIPOC film and television professional with over a decade of experience in the industry. Predominantly in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. She started her education and career as a performer in 2010 before transitioning to production, where she worked in locations as an Assistant Location Manager. 


Those experiences culminated in a pursuit of Intimacy Coordination where Chrissy's understanding of the art of performance as well as the flow and process from the office to set were seamlessly integrated. Within the department of Intimacy Coordination, both as the lead and as an assistant to ICC founder Lindsay Somers, Chrissy has worked on a variety of shows, large and small, such as Dead Boy Detectives [Netflix], Upload S3 [Amazon Prime] and The Last of Us [HBO].


Chrissy has demonstrated a consistent and ongoing passion for advocacy in relation to well-being, creativity, and Film and Television production. This inclination has informed her approach to Intimacy Coordinating which can be defined as creatively collaborative within the framework of safety, consent, and enriching the work environment for all those involved in the process. 

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